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"David is a great trainer.  He knows how to make working out fun and productive.  And he knows just how much to push without killing me or risking injury.  That’s because he’s very knowledgeable about the body and muscle groups, and our workouts progress to achieve maximum results.  I never expected to feel like an athlete at my age, but David has motivated me to believe in myself and never quit.  And I actually look forward to working out!"





~Liz Gorovitz 

Dave Rubin's therapy has helped me tremendously. I had been experiencing severe pain in my knee and lower back to the point that it was quite debilitating and fatiguing. There were often times that I would actually lock up and not be able to move. I started seeing Dave for treatment and after approximately 6 weeks, I would say 95% of the pain disappeared. Dave did an outstanding job of isolating the muscles causing the pain. He provided me with simple exercises to strengthen the muscles needed to bring my skeletal structure back into the proper balance and alignment. We focused mainly on the muscles in my feet, legs and around the hips. In addition to the exercises, Dave went a step further, demonstrating how it is important for shoes to flex with your feet and how my shoes were actually restricting my movement. After incorporating his exercises into my normal workout routine and purchasing a new pair of shoes, I now feel pain free nearly 100% of the time. By contrast, my primary physician wanted to give me anti-inflammatory pills which would have done nothing but mask the problem. Personally, I much prefer the drug free method of eliminating pain. I can't thank Dave enough for giving me my mobility back!"

~Anthony Sassano  

"I've been working with Dave for about 3 years and the change I’ve made has been a night and day difference.

I'm a competitive cyclist and through out the years I've put my body through a lot of stress causing joints to be unstable which created tightness and pain throughout my body. I've search for answers trying to find out how I can be less tight, have less back and joint pain. I went to a chiropractor for almost 3 years and it just seemed like a Band-Aid. I also had multiple sport massages and felt more hurt and unstable after getting worked on. I always felt the same or worse after an excessive stretching session. I now know why stretching doesn't work! I foam rolled for a few years thinking I was doing my body good but now I know I was just hurting myself even more and making joints unstable. It seemed nothing was working! I took Yoga classes and even learned how to teach them but nothing was as specific as working with Dave and working on my muscle weaknesses. The main thing I learned working with Dave was knowing where I was weak and working those muscles to get stronger and stable all around. I learned a lot about my body and what didn't work. I started doing exercises more specific to what my body needed and not guessing. I now have more range of motion then ever before. Joints are more stable which has given me less pain and tightness through out my body. My main issues where my back and knees. I now don't have any back or knee pain. I got to know Dave more personally and he has a great attitude about getting better and working smarter. His positivity and knowledge has helped me achieve many goals. Thanks to him I'm able to do the sports I enjoy, get stronger, have fun working out while being smart at the same time!"





~Ronald Vega

"When I came to see David I had major left shoulder pain radiating down my arm. This pain would wake me up in the middle of the night! I thought for sure I would need surgery. I did not want to have surgery or be on pain medication so I came to David as my last resort before seeing a doctor. Well, I came in and he assessed the situation and worked on the muscles in that area very gently. He gave me a thorough explanation of how our muscles are interconnected and how we would have to work on other muscle areas to help in the weak areas. I started coming in twice a week and by week 3, I was just about pain free! And stronger than I had been in weeks! At first I thought these exercises are really minimal and slow but with time I understood the exercises had to be slow to be precise. Today I am pain free and continue to do the exercises I was taught. I know I will be back for more instruction. Besides all this, David is a great guy with a caring attitude and a good sense of humor. He really wants you to win! And thanks to David... I did!"





~Lety Girard

"When I first found Dave Rubin I had chronic pain in my lower back, feet and hips. I had been using massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, supplements and various medications to try and control my pain. All with no lasting relief. The pain kept me from work as well as many other physical activities. I had been an avid cyclist and generally a very active person through my life before chronic pain took over. As you can imagine, being physically unable to enjoy an active life and being unable to work became greatly depressing. I gained a lot of weight from inactivity and the snowball affect began. Pain increased with weight gain, less activity and weight led to more pain. I felt helpless. Then l was introduced to Dave. I limped into my first MAT session and walked out virtually free of the pain I had been living with for years. That was only the beginning. I continued to see Dave and not only did I extinguish my chronic pains, I also learned how to prevent further injuries and deal with any injuries I may acquire. See, Dave teaches his subjects how to make themselves better by giving them knowledge, tools to use in everyday situations. Using this knowledge and these tools I am no longer afraid to be active. I am no longer afraid of doing things in life that give me joy. Today I am virtually pain free everyday. I am also 35 pounds lighter as a result. Thank you to Dave Rubin and MAT for teaching me how to get my life back."





~Taylor Bulloch

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