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Have you ever assessed your body's muscular system from head to toe?

WF assesses your body joint by joint to investigate how YOU are right now.  


What is the value of an assessment?

Everything YOU have done in your life through life, growth, stress, nutrition, or injuries, will never be the same person to person and even day to day for each individual. Therefore every workout and every exercise will be assessed daily and tailored to YOU. 


Is what YOU are doing for exercise appropriate for YOU?

WF will assess and evaluate you before and after your exercise. Our goal and purpose of each exercise will be to strengthen your muscular system. 


One size does not fit all?

YOU are YOU. WF will give YOU specific exercises to optimize your health and performance on and off the field. Muscle Preparation can take your strength to the next level. WF preps your body to be best YOU can be be today. YOU are only as strong as your weakest link. WF will focus on strengthening your weaknesses and help your overall longevity of health and fitness, while helping YOU achieve your personal goals. 



*Specific and individualized exercises can complement and enhance your weakly workouts. WF will help make your goals more specific and realistic. 

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