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What is the PURPOSE of this? WHY are we doing this? These are questions that should always have an answer to if you're working towards a goal when we do anything in life and more importantly with and to OUR body. I use to have a lot of questions about the way I feel and the exercises I chose in the gym.  NOW I have a lot more answers. 


In 2008, I had two shoulder surgeries.  One on my right, and six months later, one on my left. Following this second surgery on my left, my Dr. told me that I had severe arthritis and I should start thinking about a full shoulder replacement. I was 21 years young at the time, and this was horrible news to me. I was very active and working as a personal trainer in New York City. I had a full life ahead of me. I did not want to accept the fact the my shoulder joint was deteriorating. I wanted to get better. 


I then went to one of the best coaches in the fitness industry with hope to get better. That day things changed. He told me about Muscle Activation Techniques and he thought it would really help me. I was very interested in what it was about. M.A.T. taught that the stability gave you the mobility. Being in the fitness business and after all my shoulder fun, it made a lot of sense. I wanted to learn more about it, so I did. 


I met with a MAT specialist and we started working together, assessing my body's limitations and focusing on strengthening my weaknesses. Everything we did was with a purpose. I didn't have to pick exercises that potentially could be doing harm to my body and shoulders. There was zero guessing with no excessive stress. Everything started working together and I was moving and feeling better. The process was beginning to work and I was actually getting better. 


It's been over 8 years since my shoulder surgeries and I feel great. I still continue to work with  a muscle specialist weekly. My workouts are more effective, my body is not in pain, and I can live my life the way I choose to. It's amazing what can happen if you give the body what it needs, instead of focusing on what it wants. I experienced it first hand. Every exercise we do has a PURPOSE. I wanted to use my experience to help others get better, before things get worse. Proactive, instead of reactive.  I am now a Certified Muscle Activation Specialist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport And Exercise Science from The University of Central Florida. I know we can better, it just takes time, discipline, and a commitment to be the best you can be TODAY. 



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